The Crash Taylor Photographic Workshops is a school of photography devoted to advancing the skills and knowledge of photographers of all experience levels. We will be offering a broad range of workshops with classes ranging from studio lighting, portraiture, location lighting, editorial, weddings, DSLR filmmaking, photojournalism, landscape and fine art photography. [CTPW] will be offering these workshops with some of the most well-known and respected photographers in the business. Escape from the routine of everyday life and indulge your photographic passion with others who are just as passionate. Making friends and learning something new to take your photography and business skills to the next level is what [CTPW] is all about. See you soon. Crash Taylor

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Private Photography And DSLR Filmmaker Training 2015

Come and learn on your own with Crash Taylor at his stunning Nottingham City Centre loft studio. The day starts at 10am and you will work hard until 6pm with maybe a 10 minute lunch.

The day is yours so whatever you want to sharpen up on whether that be photography, DSLR motion, business, marketing, advertising, making more money, wedding photography etc… Crash Taylor will help you!

Maybe you would like to make a short film, a fusion film mixing stills and video or a photography shoot with a model, whatever it is Crash Taylor will change your whole outlook on photography, business and life.

One to One Private Training £599 inclusive of a model until December 2015.

The Art of Still and Moving Wedding Portraits 2015

The Art of Still and Moving Wedding Portraits with Crash Taylor.

On location around Nottingham city centre and the Park Estate. One stunning model, a handsome groom and Crash Taylor! We will chill for 8 hours, 3 hours in the Crash-Art studio discussing photography and HDSLR video, passion and style. A Pret A Manger lunch before 4 hours on the street taking your photographic portrait skills to the next level. We will discuss HDSLR video and Crash and his 5D Mark II camera operator Rik Winter will shoot a bridal fashion video and take you through each step of the production process.

You will learn:

The Art of creating beautiful wedding portraits using flash, natural light and video light.

The Art of composition, posing and shooting technique.

How to use your equipment (HDSLR), artistic talent  to create beautiful moving images.

In the process, you will learn all the fundamental filmmaking techniques, what gear to acquire and how to use it.

Techniques we will discuss:

Storytelling, Creating Emotion, Camera Movement, Lens Selection, Audio and Editing.

Don’t get left behind:

YouTube is the #2 search engine on the web.

Online video ad spending will swell from $1.97 billion to $4.71 billion in the next three years

Viewers watched 75% more videos online in December 2010 than in December 2008

By 2013, 90% of all internet traffic will be video

These workshops are exclusive to only 6 delegates!

New dates coming soon!

Investment only £297.00 including lunch and refreshments.

You seriously don’t want to miss this one!

Wedding Photography Workshops UK

The Art and Business of Wedding Photography with Crash Taylor 2015

This intense one-day workshop with Crash Taylor will explore all

aspects of wedding photography. He will take you through how he photographs a

wedding from bridal prep to the first dance. He will explain his shooting techniques and his cutting edge marketing knowledge to set you apart from your competition and will also cover equipment, lighting,

posing, creating your own style, business and much more.

Crash will show and tell what it takes to make it as a successful full time wedding photographer. Delegates will walk away with an understanding of how Crash has been able to rise to top of his market in just 4 short years as well as being named one of the top 10 UK winter wedding photographers by Professional Photographer magazine. He will give you the guidance and advice needed to excel quickly into the competitive world of wedding photography.






MARCH 24th   Crash’s Nottingham Studio SOLD OUT
MAY 26th  Crash’s Nottingham Studio SOLD OUT
SEPT 8th  Crash’s Nottingham SOLD OUT
OCTOBER 15th  Calumet Photo Nottingham SOLD OUT
FEB 11th  Crash-Art Studio Nottingham SOLD OUT
MARCH 25th  Crash-Art Studio Nottingham SOLD OUT
MAY 16th  – Immi Studio, Margate, Kent SOLD OUT
AUGUST 9th  – Crash-Art Studio Nottingham SOLD OUT
OCTOBER 25th  – Crash-Art Studio Nottingham  SOLD OUT
MARCH 10th  – Crash-Art Studio Nottingham SOLD OUT
MAY 31st  Thursday – Crash-Art Studio Nottingham SOLD OUT
MARCH 16TH  Saturday – Crash-Art Studio SOLD OUT

Location – The infamous Crash-Art Studio in Nottingham City Centre. Nottingham train station 5 min walk.

Other topics that we will discuss:

The use of natural light, speedlites, video lights and reflectors

How to deliver a presentation to your clients so you get the booking – I will tell you what it takes to achieve a 90% booking rate.

The importance of capturing and creating moments for your clients.

The wedding day from bridal prep to first dance.

Developing your own style.

The must need equipment of a professional wedding photographer.


Blogs and websites

Must know marketing and business tips

The future of wedding photography

For who: Photographers who have a desire to grow, develop their craft and deepen their knowledge. Who want to take their wedding photography and business skills to the next level.

Price: Only £299.00 including VAT,  awesome lunch and refreshments.

To book a place use the contact button on the menu bar or email crash(at)crashtaylor.com

Please note that Crash is unable to accept delegates within a 50 mile radius of Nottinghamshire. Thank you for your understanding.


Nottingham-based Crash Taylor is one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in the country thanks to his unique shooting style and unrivalled enthusiasm. When the party’s over, the cake’s been eaten and there are only empty champagne bottles to show for the ‘biggest day of your life’, you can count on one thing to stand the test of time – the wedding album. For this reason, choosing a photographer is one of the most important aspects of organising a wedding, and despite all the competition out there Crash Taylor is at the top of his game. With weddings, portrait shoots, movie-making and teaching courses all filling his busy schedule, it’s fair to say that he’s completely obsessed with photography and everything about it.

- Andrew James, Editor, Practical Photography Magazine


Crash Taylor’s workshop is like having your stereo tuned to inspiration FM, whilst sitting next to the speaker with the volume on max.
You don’t just hear what he has to say – you feel it. It resonates inside you, switching on an immense desire to explore, create and improve your photography.
As well as infecting you with his good vibes and high end technical skills he also unselfishly parts with invaluable marketing and business knowledge.
You’ll come away with the confidence to grow your business and photography to a level you previously wouldn’t have thought possible.
If you only attend one workshop this year then make sure you go see Crash.


Crash Taylor’s workshop was one of the best investments I have made for my business this year. I walked away with way more knowledge than I though possible in one sitting, a deeper understanding for the importance of marketing in my business and an excitement to begin my journey into the world of wedding photography. Its hard not to catch on to Crash’s complete dedication to his art. He is an inspiring person to listen to, and his enthusiasm and passion for what he does day in and day out (literally, he does photos walks every day! DEDICATION!) translates into everything he does.
I highly recommend this opportunity to learn and grow as an individual and as a photographer, there is nothing that is off limits with Crash and he definitely goes the extra mile in everything he does!! Thank you Crash, so so much for putting yourself out there and making yourself available so others can learn. Your input has been priceless. I cant wait till I can get involved in more workshops with you!


What can I say about Crash Taylor’s workshop… ‘The art & business of digital Wedding photography’
Firstly I have to say that as someone with years of background in sales, and over 30 years too as a photographer (though only shooting Weddings for about 2) I was really hoping to learn very little, such that I could then rely on my current plans, thoughts and hopes as a way to advance my business with just the added tip from Crash – how wrong was I !!! Crash laid bare his entire method of not only how to approach a Wedding, but everything from his gear, how to shoot it through to how to process it and even how to present it to the happy couple. I was simply not expecting such honesty & openness from a ‘stranger’ as it’s more akin to what you’d hope & expect from a good friend
Once the deepest secrets of Crashdom shooting was explained Crash turned to the detail (in minutiae) of how he landed in Nottingham only 4 years ago and immediately set about first entering then dominating his local marketplace; attaining a market position & income most Wedding photographers would love but can’t believe is possible for them, and because of that lack of belief – they are right. We explored leaflets, networking, Blogs, Facebook, paid advertising & Crash’s own box-of-tricks he hands to his potential clients; not from theory but from Crash’s own hands-on experience. Lastly we turned to how to sell one’s services to the couple, and yet again there were some interesting Crashy twists that are easy to see will work & work well for anyone applying them
Crash’s service level to his clients is based on ‘Exceeding Expectations’, and his workshop certainly exceeded mine by far more than I could have hoped. If you are thinking of attending anything Crash offers, and you should, then be prepared and take more notepaper than seems reasonable, you’ll need it as knowledge & inspiration flows fast and freely
I was already a Facebook Fan of Crash Taylor Photography, now I’m a Fan of Crash himself – thanks Crash


“If you’re looking for an injection of inspiration, style, creativity, and know-how, or like me, a kick-start with your photography – then Crash Taylor is your man! He’ll tell you straight everything he knows, and more importantly, everything he feels. His love for photography is infectious. Believe me, you come away from one of his seminars feeling invigorated and ready to take on the world. My head is still buzzin’ with excitement a week later!
One of Crash’s maxim’s: ‘Surround yourself with greatness!’ Get yourself to one of his seminars and you’ll know what he means! Learn from a master photographer who is at the top of his game. You will not be disappointed.”

“As being a big fan of Crash and admiring his work, I decided to attend his workshop in March 2010.
I can say honestly that all my expectations were fulfilled. I was especially impressed by Crash’s passion, creativity,
sense of humour and ability to share all his secrets. I left home empowered and with priceless knowledge ready to apply.
Miraculously right after the workshop I got an enquiry for a wedding. I would highly recommend to attend Crash’s seminars
to anyone who wants to be more than just an average wedding photographer and move his or her business to the higher level.”


‘Crash Taylor is in love with photography. Inquisitive, searching, evolving,imaginative and never content with the average. Look at his pictures and his passion and enthusiasm are clear. Crash Taylor is a true photographer’
Grant Scott, Editor, Professional Photographer Magazine.


In only five short years as a professional photographer Crash Taylor has become one of the world’s finest wedding photographers. In 2009, he was voted one of the UK’s top 10 winter wedding photographers by Professional Photographer magazine. In 2010, he became editor-at-large of Professional Photographers new magazine Turning Pro and is a regular contributor to Professional Photographer and Photography Monthly magazines. He is the innovative author of two highly acclaimed photography blogs, providing fascinating insights into the creative process of the world’s top photographers and serves as a source of inspiration to photographers worldwide. Crash has been featured in numerous publications and is also an award winning member of the prestigious [AG]WPJA and on the board of the Best of Wedding Photography: the premier invitation only membership group for the world’s finest wedding photographers. He photographs 25 wedding adventures each year and has captured weddings in Spain, France, Finland and Hawaii. Although Crash’s greatest joy is spending quality time with his wife and young son, he somehow makes time in his hectic schedule to teach workshops and seminars, which are in great demand throughout the UK and internationally.

Crash’s Websites:
Blog: www.crashtaylorblog.com
Website: www.crashtaylor.com
Photographer Interviews: www.interviewsbycrashtaylor.com
The Still Image: www.thestillimagewithcrashtaylor.com
Everything But Weddings Website: www.crashtaylorphotographer.com
Everything But Weddings Blog: www.photographsbycrashtaylor.com
Wedding Films:

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A few months ago Kelly W. from Professional Photographer magazine wanted to come along on a wedding with me and write a feature for the new magazine. We had a great day and you can read all about it below.


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Crash Workshop TP issue 4



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Crash Taylor is one of the UK’s finest documentary wedding photographers creating images that are natural and full of emotion.’

“One of the best and best-known photographers in the world.” BOWP

“One of the top ten photographers in the UK” Junebug Weddings

An award winning member of The Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association: a group of international wedding photojournalists, who capture unscripted wedding moments as they happen, and excel in the art of post-production image processing.


HostAnyone can host a workshop. Most of my workshops are in Nottinghamshire but if you would like to host a Crash-Art workshop in your town then get in touch via the contact button on the menu bar.

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