The School of Portrait Photography is a school devoted to advancing the skills and knowledge of photographers of all experience levels. We will be offering a broad range of workshops with classes ranging from studio lighting, portraiture, location lighting and street photography. The School of Portrait Photography will be offering these workshops with some of the most well-known and respected photographers in the business. Escape from the routine of everyday life and indulge your photographic passion with others who are just as passionate. Making friends and learning something new to take your photography and business skills to the next level is what were all about.

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Portrait Photography Bootcamp | Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 | Nottingham

Portrait Photography Bootcamp | Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Portrait Photography Bootcamp will start at the very beginning and help you establish a foundation for all styles of portrait photography. You’ll learn about the essential elements of a good portrait; lighting, posing and expression. Then you’ll learn how to work with what you’ve got, with instruction on shooting with window light, natural light, video light, and speedlites.

It takes a true connection between photographer and subject to create powerful portrait photography. A portrait doesn’t have to be dramatic or glamorous to be compelling. In fact, the best portraits often showcase people expressing their vulnerability or discomfort. It’s the photographer’s job to evoke and capture authentic emotion by establishing a genuine rapport with the subject.

A memorable image of another person can almost feel alive when viewed. This occurs when the subject’s personality is paired in an evocative way with the light, composition, environment, and moment. During this intense day together we will explore techniques for utilizing dramatic exposures, motion, and depth of field to emphasize the identity and mood of our subject.

Expand your knowledge, step outside your comfort zone and shoot portraits with a professional model. Natural light with and without reflectors, flash and video light will be used throughout the day.

Posing and background considerations will be discussed as well as learning how to focus our sensitivity on the subject, allowing them to feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera to create awesome successful images.

The full day workshop will teach you everything you need to take control of your lighting and camera and start creating amazing images. Whether you just bought your first camera or have been shooting for years, understanding how light works and how you can take control of it is vital to taking your image-making skills to the next level.

Aimed at any level of photography and any camera is suitable.

Meet other enthusiastic photographers who have the same passion to take their skills to the next level.

You will learn:

What is happening inside your camera and how to control your exposure

The different kinds of light and how to work with the different light sources

We will be covering speedlites, video light, window light and natural light.

The key principles of light and how to shape, modify, soften and mix light

How to train your eyes to see light and composition in any location

How to craft your image, how to balance your exposure whilst getting the look you want

Controlling ambient light with the shutter speed

Lens selection

Colour selection within your images

The quality of the light and breaking down the light

How to confidently approach a stranger and convince them to participate in a shoot

How to connect with and pose your subjects naturally

A model will be provided for you to shoot with throughout the day, advice on directing the model and posing technique will be given

You will definitely walk away from this workshop with the skills to develop and improve your lighting and portrait techniques

Although the camera we use and how we use it is of paramount importance, our ultimate tool in photography is light and our ultimate goal as photographers is to master its science & magic.

Composition, an interesting subject, a great pose and an appropriate background, all contribute immensely to making good pictures, but light will ultimately shout louder than anything else.

The way our subjects are lit will make or break any photograph we try to capture on any type of media we use.

This full day workshop is designed as a step-by-step training program for you to master not only the language of light and its behaviour, but to learn to see it, move it, bend it and most importantly control it, no matter where, when or what you are creating images of.

Who is the workshop for?

Photographers who want to take better people photos

Photographers who are not comfortable working with flash

Photographers who seek to understand how light works

Photographers who want to take control of their gear

Photographers who want to learn to mix flash and ambient light

Photographers who have trouble realising their vision in the final image

Photographers who want to shoot with constant light

Photographers who want to learn how to communicate with a model to get the best result

Photographers who want to learn the art of flow posing

“In Photography there are no secrets, there are only principles that we don’t know or haven’t mastered yet.”

Date – Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 SOLD OUT

Location: Flour Mill Studio http://www.flourmill.studio/

Cost: Only £149.00 for full day tuition, model and the entire team. Maximum 6 delegates. Pay via paypal or bank transfer.

Time: 10am to 5pm

Workshop Testimonials

Crash Taylor’s workshop is like having your stereo tuned to inspiration FM, whilst sitting next to the speaker with the volume on max. You don’t just hear what he has to say – you feel it. It resonates inside you, switching on an immense desire to explore, create and improve your photography. As well as infecting you with his good vibes and high-end technical skills he also unselfishly parts with invaluable marketing and business knowledge. You’ll come away with the confidence to grow your business and photography to a level you previously wouldn’t have thought possible. If you only attend one workshop this year then make sure you go see Crash.

Crash Taylor’s workshop was one of the best investments I have made for my business this year. I walked away with way more knowledge than I though possible in one sitting, a deeper understanding for the importance of marketing in my business and an excitement to begin my journey into the world of wedding photography. Its hard not to catch on to Crash’s complete dedication to his art. He is an inspiring person to listen to, and his enthusiasm and passion for what he does day in and day out (literally, he does photos walks every day! DEDICATION!) translates into everything he does. I highly recommend this opportunity to learn and grow as an individual and as a photographer, there is nothing that is off limits with Crash and he definitely goes the extra mile in everything he does!! Thank you Crash, so so much for putting yourself out there and making yourself available so others can learn. Your input has been priceless. I can’t wait till I can get involved in more workshops with you!

What can I say about Crash Taylor’s workshop? ‘The art & business of digital Wedding photography’ Firstly I have to say that as someone with years of background in sales, and over 30 years too as a photographer (though only shooting Weddings for about 2) I was really hoping to learn very little, such that I could then rely on my current plans, thoughts and hopes as a way to advance my business with just the added tip from Crash – how wrong was I !!! Crash laid bare his entire method of not only how to approach a Wedding, but everything from his gear, how to shoot it through to how to process it and even how to present it to the happy couple. I was simply not expecting such honesty & openness from a ‘stranger’ as it’s more akin to what you’d hope & expect from a good friend. Once the deepest secrets of Crashdom shooting was explained Crash turned to the detail (in minutiae) of how he landed in Nottingham only 4 years ago and immediately set about first entering then dominating his local marketplace; attaining a market position & income most Wedding photographers would love but can’t believe is possible for them, and because of that lack of belief – they are right. We explored leaflets, networking, Blogs, Facebook, paid advertising & Crash’s own box-of-tricks he hands to his potential clients; not from theory but from Crash’s own hands-on experience. Lastly we turned to how to sell one’s services to the couple, and yet again there were some interesting Crashy twists that are easy to see will work & work well for anyone applying them. Crash’s service level to his clients is based on ‘Exceeding Expectations’, and his workshop certainly exceeded mine by far more than I could have hoped. If you are thinking of attending anything Crash offers, and you should, then be prepared and take more notepaper than seems reasonable, you’ll need it as knowledge & inspiration flows fast and freely. I was already a Facebook Fan of Crash Taylor Photography, now I’m a Fan of Crash himself – thanks Crash

“If you’re looking for an injection of inspiration, style, creativity, and know-how, or like me, a kick-start with your photography – then Crash Taylor is your man! He’ll tell you straight everything he knows, and more importantly, everything he feels. His love for photography is infectious. Believe me, you come away from one of his seminars feeling invigorated and ready to take on the world. My head is still buzzin’ with excitement a week later!

One of Crash’s maxims: ‘Surround yourself with greatness!’ Get yourself to one of his seminars and you’ll know what he means! Learn from a master photographer who is at the top of his game. You will not be disappointed.”

“As being a big fan of Crash and admiring his work, I decided to attend his workshop in March 2010. I can say honestly that all my expectations were fulfilled. I was especially impressed by Crash’s passion, creativity, sense of humour and ability to share all his secrets. I left home empowered and with priceless knowledge ready to apply. Miraculously right after the workshop I got an enquiry for a wedding. I would highly recommend to attend Crash’s seminars to anyone who wants to be more than just an average wedding photographer and move his or her business to the higher level.”

‘Crash Taylor is in love with photography. Inquisitive, searching, evolving, imaginative and never content with the average. Look at his pictures and his passion and enthusiasm are clear. Crash Taylor is a true photographer’
Grant Scott, Editor, Professional Photographer Magazine.

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“In Photography there are no secrets, there are only principles that we don’t know or haven’t mastered yet.”

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